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Tamu, tamu!


- the children shouted, holding their plastic mugs, from which they were sipping their daily semolina pudding (that is, water-based semolina-pudding, for want of milk). This was how I knew: it was one of those rare days when a bit of sugar had chanced to get into the food. Out there in Bura, it was very easy to make the children’s day.

Taita Foundation

Our foundation has been supporting the Saint Joseph’s Orphanage in Bura, Kenya, since 2006. We coordinate the children’s education as well as guide them along the road of becoming an adult. As a local saying has it,

"If many little people at many little places
do many bits of good, the world will change."

We also believe in this because during the time we spent in Kenya, we realized that although we can’t change the whole world, we can help the people with whom we live for a period of time.


alapítvány alatti kép

Our Orphanage

We established our foundation to help Kenyan children living in formidable circumstances. At first glance, Kenya appeared to be a happy and colourful world; it was only after a few weeks that we got to know Africa’s real face: the squalor, starvation, fatigue and misery, all these things that people hide behind their cheerful smiles.

In Kenya, a lot of children live in orphanages; they consider these institutions to be their home, their family and their school…


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Egy új nap - Dósa Szeilna

Dósa Szelina: Egy Új Nap

Nagy lelkesedéssel indultam a budakeszi Prohászka Gimnáziumba, hiszen ez volt az első élményem a Taita Alapítvánnyal.
Sok tüneményes gyerekcsapat élvezte a tábor különféle programjait, amelyeket kiegészítettek a kézműves foglalkozások, a dráma- és zenés játékok, valamint az előadások Afrikáról. A gyerekek, kicsik és nagyok egyaránt… Tovább

Petra Kozalek - Mutuku handicrafts :) – brought on by life, inspired by mutuku, created by Petra...

Mutuku handicrafts :) – brought on by life, inspired by mutuku, created by Petra...

From my childhood on, it was our family’s habit to say: "Let’s not throw this away, it might be good for something." Which, of course, resulted in an immeasurable mass of thrash; on the other hand, this mess also turned into a field of creativity. We constructed innumerable do-it-yourself tools, if we happened to be short of any chance to get… Tovább

It Is Good To Be a Volunteer... - Veronika Kővágó

Veronika Kővágó It Is Good To Be a Volunteer...

On Oct 15, at the Dr. Török Béla Általános Iskola (Primary School), I gave a presentation describing my volunteering activity that I completed in the Taita Foundation’s Bura Orphanage. The lecture was one of the programs within the thematic week that the school organized, centered around volunteering.

I recounted to the school’s hearing… Tovább