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Bank account number: Magnet Bank 16200223-10017911

Beneficiary's name: Taita Alapítvány

Our Hungarian volunteers are present both at home and in Kenya. They take turns in Bura and do the most various jobs around the children. The purpose of our work in Hungary is to spread the colourful culture of Africa.

In case you agree with our goals, we would happily include you in our work so that together we could bring a change in the lives of the children in the Saint Joseph Orphanage. You can join us as a sponsor, volunteer, or just as most of us do it, choose both.

Become Our Sponsor!

Donating as little as 3000 Ft/ month, you can already do a lot for the African children: this sum covers a child’s food and medicine provisions. The higher sum of 6000 Ft/ month can (besides the above basics), even ensure the child’s education in the local village’s primary school.

Already over 120 people believe they can help individual children’s life with “symbolic adoption”. They now see that their donations significantly change the course of our Orphanage’s residents’ lives, help their life quality, and make the children’s everyday life happier.

The fees of our high school students amount to a considerably higher sum, frequently collected by a group of friends or a community. We consider it a great success that multiple kids have been accepted to colleges after finishing high school. We offer them our sponsorship until they finish their studies.

Our symbolic adoption system is based on personal relations: the sponsors regularly receive information about the children. With the help of our volunteers, we deliver to you the small presents the children make.

How can you sponsor?

Besides individual sponsoring, you can support our current projects. For more information, you can contact our sponsor coordinator, visit our blog or our social media sites:

If you have any additional questions, contact us at @email email address.

Become our volunteer!

If you want to help out in our foundation’s work either at home or in Kenya, you have the following opportunities:

Volunteering in Hungary

With the help of our local volunteers, our Foundation aims to spread our work in a wider range and collects sources to finance the orphanage. We attend events like the World Day Against Poverty, Humanitarian Day, Africa Expo, and African Days. We also organize concerts, exhibitions, and round table discussions. It’s best if everyone chooses the job that appeals to them the most, whether it be producing a school presentation, writing a proposal, or helping to post on our social media. The work we do here at home is a good preparation for those who wish to visit Bura later and personally help out with the children.

Volunteering in Kenya

There are two types of volunteering work to be done in Kenya. One of them is to secure the connection between the Kenyan orphanage and our Foundation. The core of the job for our volunteer is to collect all the needs and deficiencies of the orphanage and communicating them directly to us so we can help out. Additionally, the work includes filling the documents regarding the children. Every orphan has a file that includes their case history, illnesses, and school reports, among others. The volunteer in Kenya also supervises the implementation of previously won projects and arranges bigger supply pickups.

The other form is when the volunteer in Kenya spends time directly with the children. It’s a very gratifying task to play with them and read bedtime stories for the younger ones. The older kids need tutoring and conversations. Of course, being a volunteer in Kenya comes with a few requirements that our Foundation’s co-workers can give detailed information about. One is for sure: those who are volunteering in Kenya sign up for a hard but extraordinarily beautiful work and gain a lifetime experience.

For more information, contact our volunteer coordinator at the @email email address!